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18 March 2022

Airgraph-ng graphing away Wi-Fi traffic

…  on a tool of their own called airgraph-ng. Now you cannot expect it to be extra stable right away, but it will definitely help you …  on a network, it is shown by airodump-ng and very short packets don’t cause crash anymore. Fragmentation and deauth attacks are fixed …

5 December 2022

Testing 5 WiFi cards for wireless hacking

…  7318USg, PCMCIA wifi card Wistron CB-9 Ext, minipCI express wifi card Intel Pro Wireless 3945, PCMCIA wifi card Ubiquity SRC Super …  to detect networks outside the space. Don´t bother with packet injection or similar stuff. WiFi card Alfa Network 500mW in Windows …

28 September 2022

Packet Injection wifi Intel 4965 AGN patch

Finally there exists a way how to solve packet injection with driver for wifi card Intel WiFi Link 4965AGN – …  in distribution Backtrack Linux). Be aware that the packet injection is functional but still it is an experimental thing (develop version). Besides the complicated compilation and …

17 September 2022

KoreK chopchop, Kismet, Gateway Ubuntu

…  aireplay-ng examples, rejects open-system authentication, packetforge-ng, 5GHz band (including frequency and modularity information) , …  a while. There is alway a shortage of good packets 🙂 experimental but working aircrack -y out.ivs After every Aireplay start up a …

17 September 2022

Aircrack 1.0 BETA .lzm BackTrack

…  cracking program that can recover keys once enough data packets have been captured. It implements the standard FMS attack along with …  not shown ascii keys, when found key was shorter than expected – aircrack-ng: Added visual inspection of the different keybytes …

17 September 2022

Bluetooth Security & Vulnerabilities

…  is not necessary a cable for connecting two devicees. Expansion of Symbian based mobile phones will probably bring into this sector …  shell. Next tools in the pack are bss, carwhisperer, L2CAP packet generator, resetator of connection, RFCOMM scanner and greenplaque …

16 September 2022

Intel Centrino Packet Injection WiFiSlax and ipw3945

…  Chipsets but rarely there is available a driver able to do packet injection. It is about wifi cards on chipset Realtek, Centrino and …  as application Backtrack. Our test was done on miniPCI express ipw3945. As well as in the distribution BackTrack after the system …

16 September 2022

WLAN Hacking with WEPKR plug-in

How to crack WEP key with Windows XP or Windows Vista. Platform/Operating system: Windows XP Application/Program: CommView Wi-Fi 5.2 build 484 Driver: Tamosoft …  window that offers scan or directly startup capture. Packet Capture After Capture startup the dialog closes and makes accessible …

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