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Wired keyboard eavesdropping video

Sniffing keys Every press on the keyboard pruduces a small impuls of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can be captured and easy (quickly) decoded. Even though the described attack effects only some keyboard models it is worth mentioning. Before the penetration test there was done a verification of eleven different keyboards. Each one was reciptive to one of four different methods of availabe attacks. As result see the videos bellow.  

The tests demonstrated that eavesdropping of keyboards is possible up to 20 meters (60 feet). Even the wall can ‘t stop the data sniffing. See second video after code breaking.

Exact overview of keyboards is not known and the list of afflicted keyboard will be only published.

Similar article is a research and as a result of it is an application tempest. Video Author Martin Vuagnoux, Source Vimeo. Thanks for letting us know about an interesting material l4. Lasecwww project homepage.

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