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Aircrack-ng optimalization for CPU with SSE2

Aircrack logo There is a nice modified version of aircrack-ng I found on their website It is optimized for CPUs with the SSE2 instruction set (what is SSE2?). For classic dictionary attack on WPA key, it is able to speed things up to 500% compared a not optimized version. I made a test using BackTrack 3 with CPU Intel Core2Duo P8400 2.26 GHz, cowpatty 4.3, aircrack-ng 1.0 rc1 and aircrack-ng-wpa-sse2. For this test I will use a dictionary and a handshake (wpapsk-linksys.dump) from Cowpatty package. The results are on the screenshots. 

Cowpatty 4.3 – average speed 81,39 k/s
SSE optimalizace cowpatty

aircrack-ng 1.0 rc1 – average speed 241,15 k/s
crack bez SSE optimalizace aircrack-ng

aircrack-ng sse2 – average speed 1039,25 k/s
SSE2 optimalizace aircrack-ng

If you want to use advantages of the modified version , you have to have a CPU that supports SSE2. To find out, use this command:

# cat /proc/cpuinfo

příkaz cat proc cpu info

installation is very easy. Download the source code of the modified version, compile it and reinstal your older version. To download the source code (You have to have RapidSVN installed):

# svn co aircrack-ng-wpa-sse2

go to the directory with the downloaded source code

# cd aircrack-ng-wpa-sse2

compile and install

# make

# make install

for run use classic command

# aircrack-ng -w dictionary wpa.cap

Aircrack SSE2 bin & source code available for download in our download section. Writed & translated by Marcos, Back.

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