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Remote Exploit – BackTrack 4 Beta released

BackTrack 4 BetaAfter demonstrating and still tweaking the nervously expected BackTrack 4 beta at shmoocon, it is now available for download from some number of official mirrors. There are several torrents named bt4 but believe they are full of malware. The Remote-Exploit encourages you to download it directly from them. They have made a big decision on this version – moved from from Slackware to (as we have seen) an Ubuntu server with KDE for the desktop environment. If you don’t like that, use startx bt4-crystalfor a fluxboxish environment.

All packages from previous versions have moved of course and lots have been added. To name few:

– Pico e12 and e16 card support for doing some really fast thing as rainbow table look-ups for WPA, GSM and Bluetooth traffic decyphering.
– RFID tools as it has gotten very popular since the summer incident.
– Kernel with better hardware support.
– Support for PXE Boot – Boot BackTrack over the network with PXE supported cards!
– SAINT EXPLOIT – kindly provided by SAINT corporation for our users with a limited number of free IPs.
– MALTEGO – The guys over at Paterva did outstanding work with Maltego 2.0.2 – which is featured in BackTrack as a community edition.
– The latest mac80211 wireless injection patches are applied, with several custom patches for rtl8187 injection speed enhancements. Wireless injection support has never been so broad and functional.
– Unicornscan – Fully functional with postgres logging support and a web front end.
If you really can’t wait to get it and try it out for yourself, you can jump to the bottom of the page too get either the ISO or the VMware image or both. There are direct links along wit check-sums waiting for you.

Though we are not very sure weather moving to Debian core was a good idea, I have to admit they have point in saying:

Last year the Def-con people were tracking User Agents on their network, and I was astounded by the massive use of BackTrack throughout the con. What many didn’t know is that everyone running BackTrack was potentially vulnerable due to a flaw in wget which was discovered a few weeks earlier.

This is only an example of course. The main point being, that with over 3 million users that downloaded BackTrack, none were receiving any security updates or patches as they came out. The distribution was not maintained.
With fortune 500 and government agencies using BackTrack as their main testing platform, we felt compelled to address this situation by making BT4 a real distribution with security and tool updates.

Well, sure the Ubuntu repositories are better maintained as much more effort is put in to server many many more users. What is greatly sacrificed are hackers features that made the pen-testing/hacking distribution so popular – the ability to be hacked.

As the ubuntu repositories and the Advanced Packaging tool are great way to maintain, well, packages, it sure will have some dependencies problems as a lot of application are installed manually. That does make the new BackTrack a “full blown” distro, but not very much usable as a main everyday usable distribution.

With all these changes, PLUS the usual goodies and surprises we have in BackTrack, we are truly excited about this new release. We consider the Beta to be stable and usable. Some tools were kept back from this version, and will be soon added to the repositories. Downloads..

Description: DVD Image
Name:: bt4-beta.iso
Size: 854 MB
MD5: 7d1eb7f4748759e9735fee1b8a17c1d8

Download: Click here

Disklabel: bt4-label.png

Description: VMware Image
Name: bt4-beta-vm-6.5.1.rar
Size: 1 GB
MD5: 38acdcbaf6c73d7c55180dfea8641e5d

Download: Click here

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