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5 December 2022

Testing 5 WiFi cards for wireless hacking

…  by data from wireless signal strenght meter + values from WiFiSlax Linux. Drivers Windows XP operating system Edimax 7318 USg – …

16 September 2022

Linux live CD for geeks – WiFiSlax 3.0

…  has released 3th final version of pentest distribution WifiSlax. This distribution is unique by list of supported hardware and it’s …  rtl8180 and rtl8187 adapters! The last version of WifiSlax runs with KDE (kernel 2.6.2) builtin ipw3945, rt73. ‘ll find in it …

16 September 2022

Intel Centrino Packet Injection WiFiSlax and ipw3945

Distribution used in the tutorial Wifislax 3.0. There is available a new version 3.1. Hardware: Intel Pro …  and applications Compiled aircrack-ptw and live distro wifislax. Target pentesting, wep key crack. Wifislax is a special pentest of a distribution that is developed by a spanish …

16 September 2022

WiFi Adapters and Applications

…  Kismet, Airodump, Netstumbler Packet injection: Wifislax Monitor mode: Yes Promiscious mode: No test (post it) Registration …  Airodump, Netstumbler Packet injection: Controversial, WiFiSlax may work Monitor mode: WiFiSlax Promiscious Mode: No Registration …

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