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How To Kamikaze firmware Linksys WRT54GL

Linksys router At last there is available a nice piece of hardware – the Hacking WiFi Nets II. – Crack WPA tutorial might be ready even this year, also(?) remake of Linksyse into Wardrive Bot and tutorial Hacking Linksys (extended memory) as planned previously. Access Point Linksys WRT54GL was choosen on purpose. There also exists an upgrade which has the USB port (as well as other AP for example Asus) but then there won’t be nothing to remake. 

Alternative firmware flash

I have to mention that this article will have at least 3 parts. In this first part will be described how to change firmware and potential problems.

As an alternative firmware I have used for the flash OpenWRT Kamikaze 7.07. The first flash was OK because the web administration interface was available. The process:

1. Connect the AP by delivered ethernet cable to PC. (LAN card -> AP port no.1). The card in PC was by DHCP provided by IP address I have in my PC several network cards so it was fighting for a while even though I have configurated prerouting. Rambling of packets was solved by refresh of IP address on the card which is in the PC the gate into internet.

sudo dhclient ath0

After this everything runs as it should and ping on Linksys works.

2. In AP administration do reset into factory setting.

3. Download and in administration record firmware into AP. I have used this source.

I have connected to Access Point by telnet


> open

changed password by command


new password

password confirmation

Restart and connection by ssh.

OpenWRT console

Upgrade onto newer firmware

After a while I have found out that there is a newer version 7.09. So I have said to myself why not “flash” it once again. Wget from Linksys router did not work


No route to host..

No route to host..

..I have not set the DNS and before realizing it. Finaly I have downloaded the packet manualy, set it off on PC SSH server and copy it from Linksys by scp command. At the same situation you can download it to desktop (you have to run the command from the desktop shell)


and copy in the packs from router console:

cd /tmp

scp -r [email protected]:/tmp/linksys/openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx /tmp

Don’t forget write command

mtd write openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx linux && reboot

Graphic administration interface

Although (httpd after restart runs) someone can think that GUI is a standard (as well as did I in the first moment)

NAMP port scan

The OpenWRT does not include the grafic interface for Linksys router configuration. No grafic what now? To set everything that is necessary can be done by console or use (with Open WRT paralel) project called X-Wrt to enable web GUI interface. Solution is installation haserl and webif packages.

Download and install packs (wget from router kamikaze 7.07)


ipkg install haserl_0.8.0-1_mipsel.ipk
ipkg install webif_latest.ipk

Download and install packs (wget from router kamikaze 7.09)


ipkg install haserl_0.8.0-2_mipsel.ipk
ipkg install webif_latest.ipk

Manual instalation from desktop (version 7.09)


scp -r [email protected]:/tmp/linksys/haserl_0.8.0-2_mipsel.ipk /tmp
scp -r [email protected]:/tmp/linksys/webif_latest.ipk /tmp

ipkg install haserl_0.8.0-2_mipsel.ipk
ipkg install webif_latest.ipk

That scp, I know its like scratching your left ear with your right hand but I haven’t came up with anything better :). Packets (plural) is writen on purpose becausewebif is not enough. Installation depends on packet haserl (first install haserl)

Setting the password is to be repeated, after telnet restart and so on. And this is the result ..the heart is beating 🙂


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