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5 December 2022

Testing 5 WiFi cards for wireless hacking

…  CB-9 Ext, minipCI express wifi card Intel Pro Wireless 3945, PCMCIA wifi card Ubiquity SRC Super Range 300mW and USB wifi card Alfa …  signal strenght meter + values from WiFiSlax Linux. Drivers Windows XP operating system Edimax 7318 USg – Ralink …  svn3726 Erno Consulting Alfa Networks 500mW – Linux driver Realtek 8187 for WiFi cards Intel Pro Wireless – iwl3945 …

12 October 2022

Hewlett-Packard BIOS hacking

…  to satisfy you with advices such as update bios or update driver (as it would be possible to get in any operating system 🙂 So it is …  wireless card. The original card is Intel PRO Wireless ipw 3945ABG. It was change with the card Atheros AR5BXB63 (AR5006x) …

16 September 2022

Linux live CD for geeks – WiFiSlax 3.0

…  and it’s kernel contains many non-public and repaired drivers. For example older distro support card with Texas Instruments chipset …  of WifiSlax runs with KDE (kernel 2.6.2) builtin ipw3945, rt73. ‘ll find in it last version of aircrack 0.9, aircrack-ptw or direct …

16 September 2022

Intel Centrino Packet Injection WiFiSlax and ipw3945

…  version 3.1. Hardware: Intel Pro Wireless – centrino ipw3945. Program and applications Compiled aircrack-ptw and live distro wifislax. …  There is a lot of Chipsets but rarely there is available a driver able to do packet injection. It is about wifi cards on chipset Realtek, …

16 September 2022

WLAN Hacking with WEPKR plug-in

…  XP Application/Program: CommView Wi-Fi 5.2 build 484 Driver: Tamosoft (Prism 2.5) or Tamosoft (for Atheros). …  to install the driver find in tutorial OmniPeek & ipw3945. WEPKR Plug-in This plug-in is a small 300kB application which can be …

16 September 2022

WiFi Adapters and Applications

…  CN-WF511 Chip: rt2570 Interface: PCI Driver – Linux: rt2×00 serialmonkey Appliaction: Kismet, Airodump, …  TL-WN551G Chip atheros ar5414 Interface: PCI Driver – Linux: madwifi, madwifi-ng Application: Airodump, Kismet, Airodump, …  Mode: No Price: Unknown Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (HP) Interface: miniPCI express Driver – Linux: …

16 September 2022

WEP cracking Intel Centrino, OmniPeek + winAircrack

Network Monitoring, WEP Crack with ipw3945 adapter :: Platform: Windows :: Application: OmniPeek 4.1, winAircrack Driver: Hardware: ipw3945 (older intel centrino adapters works too). Base: Crack WEP, Windows ipw3945, Monitor mode. Driver The description of possibilities of the application OmniPeek and the …

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