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28 September 2022

Packet Injection wifi Intel 4965 AGN patch

…  attack -9 (t.j test injection) does not work on 100%. Tutorial for packet injection Intel Pro Wireless 4965AGN (iwl4965) What do …  kernel sources, – compat-wireless-2.6 packet, – aircrack-ng (=””> RC1), – basic development tools (make, gcc, …  -O iwl4965-injection.patch wget patch -p1 < …

17 September 2022

Capturing WPA-PSK handshake

…  about WiFi hacking is detaily described in tutorial Hacking wireless networks, some tricks about sniffing can be found in …

16 September 2022

Linux live CD for geeks – WiFiSlax 3.0

…  builtin ipw3945, rt73. ‘ll find in it last version of aircrack 0.9, aircrack-ptw or direct support of ntfs-3g, nvidia etc.  …  drivers for Prism54, Madwifi-ng, Wlan-ng, HostAP. Video tutorial (Edimax EW-7318uSG & WifiSlax) is here. Slax distributions are …

16 September 2022

Cracking WPA-PSK secured Wireless Networks

…  classic process (dictionary atack – cracking WPA key with Aircrack-ng and wordlist). I have used Cowpatty, John the Ripper and genPMK. …  Aircrack-ng and the WEP vulnerability topic is descibed in tutorial Hacking WiFi. Catching handshake is shown in the text Attacking …

16 September 2022

WEP Crack – video tutorial for beginners

The “security audit” video tutorial posted from user of the server. About 10 minutes long …  key. This most widely used airodump-ng, aireplay-ng & aircrack-ng attack can get under control everybody, so watch learn and try to crack your first WEP key. Tutorial mastered with the linux movie application xvidcap, on the operating …

16 September 2022

Intel Centrino Packet Injection WiFiSlax and ipw3945

Distribution used in the tutorial Wifislax 3.0. There is available a new version 3.1. Hardware: Intel …  – centrino ipw3945. Program and applications Compiled aircrack-ptw and live distro wifislax. Target pentesting, wep key crack. …  Fragmentation If you are bored by Aircrack-ng you can download the lastest newcomer Aircarck-ptw. It contains a …

16 September 2022

Wireless Hacking – Ultimate Ubuntu Guide

Operating system in the tutorial: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Dapper Drake (works also with Ubuntu 6.10, 7.04, …  Z-Com XI-626 (Prism 2.5), CM9 (Atheros), Application: Aircrack Pack, Kismet, tcpdump, Driver: HostAP + packet injection patch …  hostap-driver-0.4.9 wget patch -Np1 -i …

16 September 2022

Aireplay-ng Packet Injection Windows CommView Hack

…  (WNC AR5213) + miniPCI/PCI reduction. Aplictions: package Aircrack-ng-win 0.9. Driver: CommView for Netgear + library (older commview.dll …  for or post txt mistakes. (All the software used in the tutorial it’s possible to download in the download DIR. Hardware & …

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