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Windows Admin Password Reset

microsoft windows logo Did you forget your Admin Windows XP password? High-level user will choose application Ophcrack. This GUI application is Windows password cracker. It uses rainbow tables and needs some time. For more elegant and direct solution use older and almost forgotten application – CIA Commander. Image. After start Application CIA Commander it makes do with one floppy disc which is formated. Later the necessary parts of the application are recorded. We were able to get only an image of a trial version. Therefor it was necessary to use another application to record the image onto the floppy disc. (done by WinImage).

Test – Boot
When the hardisc is parted you just mark in the dialogue the right and suitable section.

and in the next view menu mark and confirm User Manager

After marking the account where the password is supposed to be changed the key F3 will raise the dialogue to insert the new password.

Key F2 will save the change and key F10 raises dialogue for PC restart

The password is changed and you can easily log into your account.

Application – Variability
Application CIA Commander and WinImage are available in the trial version which works only for limited time of 30 days. Trial versions are available for free on the internet. If you are interested in an older and tested version ask..

Last word
CIA Commander is a classic Boot Image Application (like for example DOS). Therefor it can be placed and started also from the CD or USB key. The file including help list can be recorded on one 1,44MB disc. Getting back your account access will take you no more then few minutes. The password can be changed on any account in the system.

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