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Android Framework for Exploitation (AFE): An efficient framework for Anroid Exploitation



AFE is an open source project which aim is to demonstrate      the    existence of security holes in the popular mobile  operating system. It also shows that Android botnet is certainly possible.

Thanks to this framework, it is easy to create automated malware and botnets for Android Platform for your analysis
(which you can even use to check the effeciency of your Antivirus), find vulnerabilities (such as Leaking Content Providers, Insecure File Storage, Directory Traversal and many others), gain access to apps, use exploits, and
execute arbitrary commands on infected devices.  

Most of the part of AFE is written in complete Python (however, there´re used also other languages as well), and is extendable. It means that you can add your modules, or transfer any existing tools.

In the AFE´s botnet module are included options that allow the treacherous element to remain hidden from the victim, it has the ability of re-launching itself in case of any breakdown, and an automatic start-up feature on device

The authors of this project (XYSEC Labs security experts Aditya Gupta and Subho Halder) want other developers to bring their ideas that could help to improve AFE´s capabilities, they build upon the community´s support in making the framework as complex as possible.

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