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WEP cracking Intel Centrino, OmniPeek + winAircrack

wireless hacking windows intel Network Monitoring, WEP Crack with ipw3945 adapter :: Platform: Windows :: Application: OmniPeek 4.1, winAircrack Driver: Hardware: ipw3945 (older intel centrino adapters works too). Base: Crack WEP, Windows ipw3945, Monitor mode. Driver The description of possibilities of the application OmniPeek and the card ipw3945 when using the conventional driver intel the wireless can be opetrated (download link for all the apps in the text).

Wireless adapter ipw3945 in monitor mode. Comparing it with application AiroPeek everything without install the special driver. Assistance of ipw3945ABG is in the application OmniPeek nativ. Only upgrade/downgrade according to the actual driver version in the system is neccesary. The driver version can be found out in the net. adapter description.

OmniPeek Driver

Driver Up or Downgrade

The tested version of drivers is backed up by scan of the set canale range where it is neccesary to apply at least two different canals or scan all accessible canals on the frequence 2,4 – 5GHz. Solo scan canal can be configurated in the last item in the offer list.

After the instalation of the right driver version ( – pack ) the card works on the windows platform in the monitor mode.

Driver Instalation Dialog

The package includes other applications (zero config, driver panel, profile manager) which don’t have to be instaleted. Network and config detection.


After running the application OmniPeek it detects all to hand nets and digestedly displays it.

OmniPeek Main Panel

OmniPeek – Filter Config

The filter for capturing WEP is not present in the configuration. It can be easily created from the pre-defined list of protocol and standards counting more than 300 items.

OmniPeek Filter Configuration

The possibilities of configuration are limited only by the idea. The filter – the packet record for concrete MAC address.

You can filter ESSID, BSSID, protocol, canal, IP address, string, the packet size and it is allso possible to combine all these possibilities.

MAC Filter Config Dialog

WEP Key Cracking

After catching enough of data and stopping the application you can just save the buffer content in the formate .dmp which the application Aircrack-ng supports.

Dump Export OmniPeek

The pakage Aircrack-ng for the windows platform was described in the previous texts and can be found and downloaded for free on internet or directly on AirDUMP in the download (folder wep-crack or sniffing) part.


aircrack-ng -m 00:0A… *.dmp

sets off the vulnerability pentest of your WEP key. The choice *.dmp will read the data defined by the MAC address from your file in the folder. (in the case if the is more files) Aircrack-ng set off without defined MAC address ends with “memory allocation error” :) Ivs content in case that AP is not fully charged up to 10%. T.z 80 000 catched packets = 8000 ivs.

The number of ivs can be easily found out by command:

airdecap-ng -b 00:0A… file.dmp

winAircrack – GUI

Note: All the software, app and driver you can download in the DIR wep-wpa-pentest (click on the arrow icon / wep-wpa-pentest folder / your file). The service of the final faze is also possible through GUI interface. This Tuto “superstructure” includes WinAircrack Pack 2.x. The applications can be downloaded in the download part of airdmp (see the link upper).

Win-Aircrack GUI

Note: The WildPackets application OmniPeek supports lots of others adapters.

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