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Intel Centrino Packet Injection WiFiSlax and ipw3945

wifislax logo Distribution used in the tutorial Wifislax 3.0. There is available a new version 3.1. Hardware: Intel Pro Wireless – centrino ipw3945. Program and applications Compiled aircrack-ptw and live distro wifislax. Target pentesting, wep key crack. Wifislax is a special pentest of a distribution that is developed by a spanish group called Seguridad Wireless. Primarily it fills the gap created by the development and by the new wifi chipset sales.

Those were so far not existing or were not used by the majority. There is a lot of Chipsets but rarely there is available a driver able to do packet injection. It is about wifi cards on chipset Realtek, Centrino and Broadcom. Pentest WEP vulnerability in the distribution Wifislax is almost the same as application Backtrack. Our test was done on miniPCI express ipw3945. As well as in the distribution BackTrack after the system start, login (login: root password: toor) it is necessary to manualy implement a driver for your wi-fi card.

Wifislax Fullscreen Screenshot

The whole process simplifies the Menu Chipset Assistencia that contains menu with loaders for drivers for chipsets: Prism, ZyDas, Intersil (pravdepodobne Prism 3.0) ipw, Broadcom, Ralink a Atheros. The whole card can be managed by the menu. The first item runs ipraw.. The next item runs the packet injection. Clicking invokes the console where you have to manualy insert the rate, the chanal and the valid client mac address whose MAC we will use for packet injection.

Wifislax Menu

Two new interfaces- wifi0 a rtap0 will appear in the system. After this step we can set off Airodump-ng and Aireplay-ng. For Airodump-ng we will use rtap0 and for Aireplay-ng wifi0.

Wifislax Airodump-ng

Aireplay-ng is working error-free. The switch -0, -1, -2, -3, -4 was tested.

Aireplay-ng Fake Auth
Wifislax Aireplay-ng Auth

Aireplay-ng Fragmentation
Wifislax Aireplay-ng Auth

If you are bored by Aircrack-ng you can download the lastest newcomer Aircarck-ptw. It contains a new algorithmus which implemented and launched TUD (Technical University Darmstadt). The time needed for crack WEP is shorter.
Wifislax Aireplay-ptw

Aircrack-ng is of course available as well as most of the application which contains distribution BackTrack.

Wifislax like other Linux LiveCD contains menu Install HDD and can be easily installed on to harddisk. Dont forget to part the disk in advance :) [Gparted]

Far as we know you can not find a notebook with wi-fi card ipw3945 that would have the external antenna conector(HP, Acer a jine). But the card contains 2x U.fl conector by which it is connected to a small internal omni antenna (it is usualy located next to LCD). Integrated antenna compared with the external one dramaticaly reduces directivity and card outreach. On the other hand for home usage test it is enough.

Lifting the screen deck, switching off the pigtail and switching on your own pigtail allows to connect the external antenna thanks RSMA. (Will take you 5 min.)

u.fl/rsma pigtail cable If you use distribution such as LiveCD the data can be transfered (from/to) by USB Flash. If you want to download any of distribution versions you can find the links in an older text Wifislax 3.0. Download (of some usefull apps) is also possible in our downlod section.

A lot of usefull tips for penetration testings is available in another texts and tutorials here on the Check the search option or Related post menu..

For the airodump domain writed by Micro.

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