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Backtrack 3 installation – USB flash memory

Backtrack 3 logo Before we start, the 700 MB ISO image which is mentioned in the news is the stripped to fit onto a CD. The Full version of BackTrack 3 Beta is 1 GB big, named as the USB version. It can only be installed on a Flash disk or be burnt onto a DVD with some modifications. This article is a simple guide to a Flash disk instalation. Acording to available information, the lowest capacity of flash this version of BackTrack has been tested on is 2 GB.

Our instalation is done on a 4 GB low-end A-Data thumb drive. The procedure is trivial.

After you download the 1 GB rar archive (the remote-exploit team encourages people to download from thheir website for statistical pourposes), check whether the md5 checksum of your filie matches the one stated at the download site. Then, check the availability and writing permissions of the usb disk.

Mount control dump

Unpack the rar archive to folder.

archive untar

Copy the two directories to the usb driver using the Nautilus (GUI), MidnightCommander (mc) or, with other copy commands.
copying progress

These steps were done within Linux, and can be done in Windows as well. The boot directory contains a .bat script (for Win) and a (for Linux), which will write to the boot sector of the flash  drive.

Run one of them and make shure it successfully exits.

mount chceck

The Console will show you a message which you can accept or reject witht Ctrl+C.

slax MBR install

Read the information and do what it says.

slax updated

That was the last step. All you have to do now is to restart your computer and enable booting from USB in your BIOS

backtrack wlan hacking

settings. BackTrack 3 Beta may boot from a USB even faster than from a usual HD and is fast and stable. View at the output of the mount command of a USB booted BT3b

BackTrack mount

URLs for BackTrack 3 download you can find at Backtrack 3 Final news.

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