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Backtrack 3 final download

BackTrack 3 final Remote-Exploit released BackTrack 3 Final version. Possible downloads are CD image, USB image and VMware image. Links (+ MD5 and SHA1) to download all the version are: CD Image (bt3-final.iso), size 695 MB (MD5: f79cbfbc d25147df 32f5f6df a287c2d9, SHA1: 471f0e41 93136651 7ea8bffe 910fb09a 815e42c7), USB Version (bt3final_usb.iso), size 784 MB (MD5: 5d27c768 e9c2fef6 1bbc208c 78dadf22, SHA1: 3aceedea 0e8e70ff f2e7f7a7 f3039704 014e980f)

VMware Image (Backtrack3_VMWare.rar), size 689 MB (MD5: 94212d3c 24cf4396 44f158d9 0094ed6a, SHA1: 21c9a3f9 658133ef ff259adb e2907235 83b4fd82).

Download all the versions is possible here. Older versions (Backtrack 2, Backtack 3 Beta, Backtrack 3 Pre Final) here.

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