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Backtrack 3 Pre Final released

BackTrack 3 Linux Remote-Exploit released BackTrack 3 pre-release of the final version. In the short the Final version will be released. Link for download is available on the remote-exploit’s freenode irc channel. After some testinig and fine-tuning, the Final version will be released. It is exepected in a week (around June 20th). It’s interesting that the pre-release does not have a bugtracker, but there probably is a reason for that decision.

Wireshark 1.0 released

Wireshark Logo It was released new version of Wireshark. What’s Wireshark? Is the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer. It is used for troubleshooting, analysis, development, and education. What’s New. Bug Fixes. The following vulnerabilities have been fixed: The X.509sat dissector could crash,The Roofnet dissector could crash on Windows, Solaris, and possibly other platforms,The LDAP dissector could crash on Windows and possibly other platforms, The SCCP dissector could crash while using the “decode as” feature..

IEEE ICC on Security Technology

security conference Sensor and detection technology, including, principles of operation and signal analysis, Alarm devices, searching aids and systems, Monitoring, command, control and communication systems, Computer systems security and privacy, Information security, Communication security and privacy, including modulation techniques, spectrum management and encryption, Biometric identification systems, utilizing voice, handwriting, fingerprints, hand geometry, facial recognition, Entry control systems, access delay technology and surveillance and more on the

Security Forums Opened

security forums We would to announce an opening of a Forum 1st. august 2008 for comments and discussion around security, hacking, pentesting, scripting, wireless. We have noticed that there are lot of questions in the comments under the texts. Therefore we would like to ask you to place your questions in the Forum section rather than use for this purpose commenst. We hope you understand this request and that it will make even more well-arranged.

Linux live CD for geeks – WiFiSlax 3.0

WiFiSlax live CD Group around Seguridad Wireless has released 3th final version of pentest distribution WifiSlax. This distribution is unique by list of supported hardware and it’s kernel contains many non-public and repaired drivers. For example older distro support card with Texas Instruments chipset or packet injection with Broadcom, rtl8180 and rtl8187 adapters! The last version of WifiSlax runs with KDE (kernel 2.6.2) builtin ipw3945, rt73. ‘ll find in it last version of aircrack 0.9, aircrack-ptw or direct support of ntfs-3g, nvidia etc.

Cracking WPA-PSK secured Wireless Networks

WPA crack WiFi Hacking part III. – WPA-PSK cracking. The text about cracking WPA coding is an alternative to the classic process (dictionary atack – cracking WPA key with Aircrack-ng and wordlist). I have used Cowpatty, John the Ripper and genPMK. Additionaly to the pentest you can get hash at Lostboxen (6GB) or at Shmoo (35GB) and wordlist for generating your own control sums..

ShmooCon 2008

shmoocon 2008 2009 Today in the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel (Washington, USA) starts ShmCoon 2008. Lease from 15 to 17. february 2008. Program panels are 15.02 Intercepting Mobile Phone/GSM Traffic, Forensic Image Analysis to Recover, Passwords, Baked not Fried: Performing an Unauthorized Phishing Awareness Exercise, Web Portals: Gateway to Information or a Hole in our Perimeter Defenses?, Hacking the Samurai Spirit, New Countermeasures to the Bump Key Attack

WEP Crack – video tutorial for beginners

video tutorial camera The “security audit” video tutorial posted from user of the server. About 10 minutes long video shows step by step how to crack a WEP key. This most widely used airodump-ng, aireplay-ng & aircrack-ng attack can get under control everybody, so watch learn and try to crack your first WEP key. Tutorial mastered with the linux movie application xvidcap, on the operating system Backtrack 2. WiFi card used in the tutorial is Atheros based chipset hardware. For details see the video.