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Katalog ‘hacking’

Bluetooth external antenna hack

bluetooth logo Modifying a Bluetooth dongle for an external antenna. BlueTooth is today a standard part of every notebook and a better mobile phone. To bad if you want to do BlueJacking or BlueSnarfing and the bluetooth is in your computer only as a fashion accessory (module glued-on the WiFi card). In that case you have only two possibilities. Take out the pigtail to connect the external antenna. It´s not much fun to make holes into the new laptop. Who has tried it found out

Windows Hacking – Windows Vista Hack

Windows Vista Hack Hundreds of programmers, years of development, millions of dollars. If you have installed on your desktop or laptop operating system Windows Vista and you are still thinking that it is the better and more safer system then keep on reading. This small prezentation might change your mind. You probably know an older process with crack NTLM hashe in Windows XP, or changing the password by application CIA commander.

Google Hacking – Advanced Guide

google logo I am sure you know the situation. When googling for a technical text the search engine will put together a “great offer” of a book eshop or when looking for a specialized forum you will find an advert for holiday in Spain posted on the first place. Today is almost everyone a “SEO expert” (read lacker) and define the desirable enquiry can be tricky. When the enquiry comes out well – you can be surprised by the results.

How To Kamikaze firmware Linksys WRT54GL

Linksys router At last there is available a nice piece of hardware – the Hacking WiFi Nets II. – Crack WPA tutorial might be ready even this year, also(?) remake of Linksyse into Wardrive Bot and tutorial Hacking Linksys (extended memory) as planned previously. Access Point Linksys WRT54GL was choosen on purpose. There also exists an upgrade which has the USB port (as well as other AP for example Asus) but then there won’t be nothing to remake.

Complete Google Hacks List

Google logo Complete Google Hacks List (and some more) is moved here from the comment. I hope ‘ll ensemble older short list of examples for efective search (hacking google). Sometimes you want to find all of your search terms in a document, and sometimes you want to find either one term or another. The term for this type of search is “Boolean.” The term “Boolean” comes from Nineteenth Century mathematician George Boole. “Boolean logic” is something that is used in all sorts of computing applications, not just search engines. Thx to handymann81

Exploiting with Metasploit – Hacking Windows XP Box

exploit windows hacking Art of exploitation – Mastering PC in the net Distribution: Backtrack 2 Final Wi-Fi: CM9, Yagi 17dB (driver: patched madwifi) Aplication: Aircrack, Kismet, Nmap, Ettercap, Metasploit Box: PI, 233MHz, 160MB RAM. Comes in useful: 1 piece active downloader on p2p net. Note: This is a description of a true situation. The critical moments are shonw in the promo. The Internet is full of Wi-Fi hardware offers, rules and regulation. But..