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Bluetooth external antenna hack

bluetooth logo Modifying a Bluetooth dongle for an external antenna. BlueTooth is today a standard part of every notebook and a better mobile phone. To bad if you want to do BlueJacking or BlueSnarfing and the bluetooth is in your computer only as a fashion accessory (module glued-on the WiFi card). In that case you have only two possibilities. Take out the pigtail to connect the external antenna. It´s not much fun to make holes into the new laptop. Who has tried it found out  that it is diffucult to take out the pigtail to connect the external antenna even for a wireless card, or even another cable for BlueTooth.

Even if you manage to do so without losing the guarantee, on chassis there is no room for fastenign on the screw. The other possibility is to get a better (meaning module with a relevant reach and chipm) USB BlueTooth adapter. The third possibility is to get a cheap module and remake it for a higher class with a reach of 500 meters. The hardware modification is not difficult. Read the article BlueJacking, Bluesnarfing, BlueBugging

The cheapest what you can get. Noname BlueTooth adapter for few bucks. It´s just tacked together without glue or screws. Easy to open or put together again. The cover is made of soft plastic so to make a hole for pigtail is not a problem.

bluetooth unmodifies

RSMA uF.l WiFi pigtail is for two dollars. Since now I have not experienced “undressing” the cable – it is the most difficult part of the modification. I have been trying to take down the isolation for twenty minutes with a needle and almost destroyed my fingers.

bluetooth modified case

Melting iron. For sure do not use the 200 W monster one without termo control. Professionals use air-heating set with digitaly controlled temperature + ultra slim spike. Make sure you don´t hold the hot spike close to the bluetooth board more then 10 seconds.

gas tin

You can get a digital multimeter that is able to measure “plus and minus” for 10 dollars. For this hardware hack you don´t need an expensive piece with a temperature sensore or overvoltage control. But it is important to get the righ pole. Otherwise if you get it the other way round you will get an even worse signal then before. “Ground” is a joint between USB connector and the board.

multi meter

Tin pack. Every tinner has is own favourite brand. For a single shot the common tin without aditives is sufficient.

tin package

At the end of BlueTooth adapter you can see on the picture a small piece of metal. It is an integrated antenna with an unspecified gain.

moded BT case

The wrap is there because of the impedane. Before or after the modification be sure you interrupt the signal access into the antenna (behind the new joint). The more closer the interruption is to the new joint the better.

external antenna hack

Tip! The USB on the picture is class 3. The only reason it is there is because it is cheap. But do not modify the Bluetooth USB adapter class 3 because it is very weak and the antenna won´t change a thing. Modify only class 1. If you want to be a serious security auditor then buy a proper piece of hardware (it´s the same like in wifi pentesting-you will need the supported chipset). The text “How bad boys crack Bluetooth is coming soon”.

Conclusion. Acquired knowledge you can use further for external antenna hack of wireless card (Netgear, CB-9 Ext) external antenna hack. Thanks for consulting to homewifi). Enjoy the fun and wishing you a lot of switched on Bluetooth people. Monitor Mode Enabled :: MME

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