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AirDrop-ng video presentation – security conference Shmoocon 2010

Shmoo Group The security conference Shmoocon Washington 2010 presentation introduces AirDrop-ng. This 20 minute video presentation show the new Wi-Fi hacking tool. AirDrop-ng is a python based script and is able to do the same as aireplay-ng -0, mdk3 and void11 altogether. It seems that it will be another application in the aircrack-ng suite. As you will see in the video Airdrop-ng is something we should look forward to:-).

IEEE ICC on Security Technology

security conference Sensor and detection technology, including, principles of operation and signal analysis, Alarm devices, searching aids and systems, Monitoring, command, control and communication systems, Computer systems security and privacy, Information security, Communication security and privacy, including modulation techniques, spectrum management and encryption, Biometric identification systems, utilizing voice, handwriting, fingerprints, hand geometry, facial recognition, Entry control systems, access delay technology and surveillance and more on the

ShmooCon 2008

shmoocon 2008 2009 Today in the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel (Washington, USA) starts ShmCoon 2008. Lease from 15 to 17. february 2008. Program panels are 15.02 Intercepting Mobile Phone/GSM Traffic, Forensic Image Analysis to Recover, Passwords, Baked not Fried: Performing an Unauthorized Phishing Awareness Exercise, Web Portals: Gateway to Information or a Hole in our Perimeter Defenses?, Hacking the Samurai Spirit, New Countermeasures to the Bump Key Attack