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Wardriving Database with Search

wardriving kismet Updated. Now Windows browser Internet Explorer supported! It’s accessable interactive WiFi WarDriving Map of Access Points with search. English is not necessary. Most of record (at this time) is in the Prague (Czech Republic, Europe) so don’t search other places. The new database search is complete. The database search is now linked to map. Just click in search result on arbitrary row and you will be switched to map to see the locality of Access Point. 

Search engine works with ESSID & BSSID or with a part of phrase + wild-card represent by %.

example I. %hot%

example II. %war%

example III. %wifi%

In case of the BSSID search use the same way %00:14% etc..

One more thing. For the Map view use Opera, Swiftfox, Firefox, Safari or Konqueror.


Supported formats are: 50.046474 14.429359 or 50°2’47.31”,14°25’46.28” or 50d2m47.31sN, 14d25m46.28sE or “street,city”

Our database contains at this point 40 000 Access Points. The records are mostly within Prague and the close city neighbourhood. Should you have your own Kismet logs (.csv) you are welcomed to upload them into our database.

Search in database is possible by ESSID or BSSID or see How To Database. Fill free to ask for local information. Yours question send by contact form.

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