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Evilgrade Toolkit helping with fake updates

Evilgrade iconFrom the word compound of evil and grade, you see there will be something evil about this piece of software and upgrades. It is a modular framework for supplying clients with fake updates that can contain a wide scale of payloads. The problem of poorly implemented actualization routines has been well know for quite some time now, but it seems it has been greatly overlooked. In the time of creation Evilgrade (summer 2008), very popular software has been vulnerable to this kind of exploit such as

Remote Exploit – BackTrack 4 Beta released

BackTrack 4 BetaAfter demonstrating and still tweaking the nervously expected BackTrack 4 beta at shmoocon, it is now available for download from some number of official mirrors. There are several torrents named bt4 but believe they are full of malware. The Remote-Exploit encourages you to download it directly from them. They have made a big decision on this version – moved from from Slackware to (as we have seen) an Ubuntu server with

Essential Tools – Nessus exploit and rootkit scanner

nessus Nessus is a security scanner of vulnerability. Lately there was a lot of discussion about this topic. First of all little bit of history. Project Nessus was originaly under GPL licence, but somebody smart has closed the source codes and GPL was over. The project continued as Tenable Nessus and free version (GPL licence) under name GNessUs. But this one died out after a year abd the application goes on as OpenVas. Parallel GPL project is based on the last opened source code

Metasploit Framework 3.1 download

metasploit framework After one year of develop the new version of Metasploit Framework released for download. The 3.1 version include a graphical user interface, 450 modules and more than 200 remote exploits. Metasploit runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and BSD. The Windows version of Metasploit includes GUI, console, web interface access, dependencies and networking tools. You can download Metasploit 3.1 version at end of this text. Changelog. Officially using Cygwin for Windows support, Additional stager used for large Windows stages

System & Firewall events monitoring

debian inside logo At there are altogether pentest and security tutorials. This text will reflex who to after securing oneselfs installation get the overview what is happening in the system. There is a lot of tricks. We will demonstrate how to do it easily and all together. The text was created to show way of GUI monitoring, mainly firewall and network events. Speaking generally the configuration possibilities are much more wider. Read more..

Windows Admin Password Reset

microsoft windows logo Did you forget your Admin Windows XP password? High-level user will choose application Ophcrack. This GUI application is Windows password cracker. It uses rainbow tables and needs some time. For more elegant and direct solution use older and almost forgotten application – CIA Commander. Image. After start Application CIA Commander it makes do with one floppy disc which is formated. Later the necessary parts of the application are recorded.

Wireshark 1.0 released

Wireshark Logo It was released new version of Wireshark. What’s Wireshark? Is the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer. It is used for troubleshooting, analysis, development, and education. What’s New. Bug Fixes. The following vulnerabilities have been fixed: The X.509sat dissector could crash,The Roofnet dissector could crash on Windows, Solaris, and possibly other platforms,The LDAP dissector could crash on Windows and possibly other platforms, The SCCP dissector could crash while using the “decode as” feature..

WLAN Hacking with WEPKR plug-in

wifi config windows crack How to crack WEP key with Windows XP or Windows Vista. Platform/Operating system: Windows XP Application/Program: CommView Wi-Fi 5.2 build 484 Driver: Tamosoft (Prism 2.5) or Tamosoft (for Atheros). Hardware: PCI Z-Com XI-626 & miniPCI CM9 Meta: Crack WEP key by CommView Wi-Fi WEPKR plugin. This text will be rather short. Application CommView Wi-Fi except clicking does not offer much more fun 🙂

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