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Wireless HotSpot Database

Tux WiFi Why free wifi hot-spot list? For sure you were sometimes looking for a Free Wi-Fi Hot Spot. The internet is overloaded with commercial offers so we have decided to uncover part of our private Free WiFi Hot Spots database. From now on it is available for everyone. The database will be still growing so if you won’t find your hot spot connection today it could be there tomorrow. The database insert is free and we would be happy for your input from all around the world.

Security Forums Opened

security forums We would to announce an opening of a Forum 1st. august 2008 for comments and discussion around security, hacking, pentesting, scripting, wireless. We have noticed that there are lot of questions in the comments under the texts. Therefore we would like to ask you to place your questions in the Forum section rather than use for this purpose commenst. We hope you understand this request and that it will make even more well-arranged.

ShmooCon 2008

shmoocon 2008 2009 Today in the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel (Washington, USA) starts ShmCoon 2008. Lease from 15 to 17. february 2008. Program panels are 15.02 Intercepting Mobile Phone/GSM Traffic, Forensic Image Analysis to Recover, Passwords, Baked not Fried: Performing an Unauthorized Phishing Awareness Exercise, Web Portals: Gateway to Information or a Hole in our Perimeter Defenses?, Hacking the Samurai Spirit, New Countermeasures to the Bump Key Attack

IRC channel on the Quakenet

irc channel irssi We make for you IRC channel on the server. Old PHP Chat here works bad, so it’s stopped. Server addr is, channel name is Connection? You can use console irssi, GUI kvirc (both Linux and Windows), mirc or web browser at this URL. Topic and discussion is free, no registration. Come and iddle. The channel is for comunication (ask for drivers or help from friends, find up new peoples with interest in the same..)

Aireplay-ng Packet Injection Windows CommView Hack

aircrack wep cracked Tutorila How to Packet injection Aireplay-ng Windows XP. Operating system Microsoft Windows XP SP2. Wireless card: CM9 (WNC AR5213) + miniPCI/PCI reduction. Aplictions: package Aircrack-ng-win 0.9. Driver: CommView for Netgear + library (older commview.dll or new ca2k.dll). Read Metasploit Hacking Windows. Feel free ask for or post txt mistakes.

(All the software used in the tutorial it’s possible to download in the download DIR.

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