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Intel Centrino Packet Injection WiFiSlax and ipw3945

wifislax logo Distribution used in the tutorial Wifislax 3.0. There is available a new version 3.1. Hardware: Intel Pro Wireless – centrino ipw3945. Program and applications Compiled aircrack-ptw and live distro wifislax. Target pentesting, wep key crack. Wifislax is a special pentest of a distribution that is developed by a spanish group called Seguridad Wireless. Primarily it fills the gap created by the development and by the new wifi chipset sales.

AiroWizard GUI Tool for Windows WLAN hacking

airowizard menu Update. The project is stopped for now (last check and the news last update in september 2008 ). Be patient and hope ‘ll be continue. In the forum you can view topic with screenshots and url to interesting GUI application for Windows users called AiroWizard. It’s graphic tool (interface) for Windows aircrack-ng suite and applications included in the pack. It provide GUI interface for manipulating with card and applications in the pack. For more information enter the Forum. Posted by NaZirCon.

IRC channel on the Quakenet

irc channel irssi We make for you IRC channel on the server. Old PHP Chat here works bad, so it’s stopped. Server addr is, channel name is Connection? You can use console irssi, GUI kvirc (both Linux and Windows), mirc or web browser at this URL. Topic and discussion is free, no registration. Come and iddle. The channel is for comunication (ask for drivers or help from friends, find up new peoples with interest in the same..)

WLAN Hacking with WEPKR plug-in

wifi config windows crack How to crack WEP key with Windows XP or Windows Vista. Platform/Operating system: Windows XP Application/Program: CommView Wi-Fi 5.2 build 484 Driver: Tamosoft (Prism 2.5) or Tamosoft (for Atheros). Hardware: PCI Z-Com XI-626 & miniPCI CM9 Meta: Crack WEP key by CommView Wi-Fi WEPKR plugin. This text will be rather short. Application CommView Wi-Fi except clicking does not offer much more fun 🙂

Sniffing networks and data analysis

password sniffing Archea. It all started connecting four computers in 1969. It followed with trans-antlantic connection between USA and UK, and genesis of TCP/IP (1973). Internet boom was set off internetu by email and protocol www in 1991.
It took only 15 years and in the net came into being another paralel world. Lets do a small excursion into the world of “baud beauty”.

The Wireless Adapters and Applications

wifi hardware hack List of wireless card with chipset supported monitor mode or promiscuous mode (needed for pentration testing). Also informations of known wireless adapters application support on the Linux and Windows platfrom. If you know about cards in your location and you test it post pictures and some basic information about. Your wireless adapter ‘ll be added in to known adapters list here. Hope is helpfull – shops don’t publish always info about hardware.

WEP cracking Intel Centrino, OmniPeek + winAircrack

wireless hacking windows intel Network Monitoring, WEP Crack with ipw3945 adapter :: Platform: Windows :: Application: OmniPeek 4.1, winAircrack Driver: Hardware: ipw3945 (older intel centrino adapters works too). Base: Crack WEP, Windows ipw3945, Monitor mode. Driver The description of possibilities of the application OmniPeek and the card ipw3945 when using the conventional driver intel the wireless can be opetrated (download link for all the apps in the text).

Exploiting with Metasploit – Hacking Windows XP Box

exploit windows hacking Art of exploitation – Mastering PC in the net Distribution: Backtrack 2 Final Wi-Fi: CM9, Yagi 17dB (driver: patched madwifi) Aplication: Aircrack, Kismet, Nmap, Ettercap, Metasploit Box: PI, 233MHz, 160MB RAM. Comes in useful: 1 piece active downloader on p2p net. Note: This is a description of a true situation. The critical moments are shonw in the promo. The Internet is full of Wi-Fi hardware offers, rules and regulation. But..