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Airgraph-ng graphing away Wi-Fi traffic

…  Aircrack-ng optimalization for CPU with SSE2. This makes WPA cracking significantly faster. The detectioin of the number of CPU’s and …

Capturing WPA-PSK handshake

WLAN Hacking – WPA-PSK handshake. The deauth atack with Aireplay-ng -0 wants to disconect the client from Access Point and after …  is the same thing that can be done by monitoring with Windows application CommView or AiroPeek. Just choose the right sniffing …

WEP cracking Intel Centrino, OmniPeek + winAircrack

…  possible to combine all these possibilities. WEP Key Cracking After catching enough of data and stopping the application you can …  software, app and driver you can download in the DIR wep-wpa-pentest (click on the arrow icon / wep-wpa-pentest folder / your file). The …

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