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Windows Hacking – Windows Vista Hack

Windows Vista Hack Hundreds of programmers, years of development, millions of dollars. If you have installed on your desktop or laptop operating system Windows Vista and you are still thinking that it is the better and more safer system then keep on reading. This small prezentation might change your mind. You probably know an older process with crack NTLM hashe in Windows XP, or changing the password by application CIA commander.

AiroWizard GUI Tool for Windows WLAN hacking

airowizard menu Update. The project is stopped for now (last check and the news last update in september 2008 ). Be patient and hope ‘ll be continue. In the forum you can view topic with screenshots and url to interesting GUI application for Windows users called AiroWizard. It’s graphic tool (interface) for Windows aircrack-ng suite and applications included in the pack. It provide GUI interface for manipulating with card and applications in the pack. For more information enter the Forum. Posted by NaZirCon.