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KoreK chopchop, Kismet, Gateway Ubuntu

ubuntu guide This is second part of pentesting how to (Ultimate Ubuntu Guide). Lessons from 1 to 9 you can find at How to crack WEP. In this part we ‘ll continue with technique called korek chopchop attack, wep key cracking, aireplay-ng examples, rejects open-system authentication, packetforge-ng, 5GHz band (including frequency and modularity information) , WPA (WPA-PSK) cracking abstrack, connecting to network (gateway, internet) and epilogue

HostAP Ubuntu 7.04 Packet Injection

Ubuntu logo Feisty Fawn Do you have Z-Comax or other Prism based WiFi card (for example XI-626, XI-325)..? Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, same as in the last version Dapper Drake can not do Packet Injection with hostAP driver. This is a short instruction how to change this situation. You need just to download 60MB source code, patch and install dpkg-dev and linux-kernel-devel. Start with creating the folder where the whole operation will run.