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Katalog ‘bluetooth’

Bluetooth external antenna hack

bluetooth logo Modifying a Bluetooth dongle for an external antenna. BlueTooth is today a standard part of every notebook and a better mobile phone. To bad if you want to do BlueJacking or BlueSnarfing and the bluetooth is in your computer only as a fashion accessory (module glued-on the WiFi card). In that case you have only two possibilities. Take out the pigtail to connect the external antenna. It´s not much fun to make holes into the new laptop. Who has tried it found out

Bluetooth Security & Vulnerabilities

BlueTooth logo BlueTooth Hacking. The text will be continuously completed with pictures and links for download. BlueTooth is a great technology that is implemented in several mobile device. For communication with other device no cable is necessary and there is a lot of applications dedicated directly for Bluetooth. As well as in the case with WiFi there is not necessary a cable for connecting two devicees. Expansion of Symbian based mobile phones will probably bring into this sector many new possibilities.