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Exploiting with Metasploit – Hacking Windows XP Box

…  CM9, Yagi 17dB (driver: patched madwifi) Aplication: Aircrack, Kismet, Nmap, Ettercap, Metasploit Box: PI, 233MHz, 160MB RAM. Comes …  institutions are using and distributing into schools win$. Results? A teenagers first OS is a commercial operating systém. 80% of …

Wireless Hacking – Ultimate Ubuntu Guide

…  Z-Com XI-626 (Prism 2.5), CM9 (Atheros), Application: Aircrack Pack, Kismet, tcpdump, Driver: HostAP + packet injection patch …  run Ethereal or Wireshark with realtime traffic showing on wlan0 adapter. For showing only deauth packets use filter wlan.fc.type_subtype 12 In next step …