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Capturing WPA-PSK handshake

WLAN Hacking – WPA-PSK handshake. The deauth atack with Aireplay-ng -0 wants to disconect the …  better and easier) way how to get the data for crack WPA. Wireshark is a strong application and the technology that will be described can …  iwconfig ath0 channel 10 set the canal number on which Wireshark is going to listen Wireshark Set off the application Wireshark. In …

Sniffing networks and data analysis

…  “baud beauty”. The tour-guide and interpreter will be Wireshark (Ethereal), Tcpdump, Cain, Kismet, CommView, AiroPeek, OmniPeek, …  Netdopler, CommView, Abel & Cain, L0pthCrack, Cowpatty. keywords: GUI, console Term & knowhow When you have more and …