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Topic: WiFI signal booster for a wireless card

Hello. I  have  some technical answers for you about WIFi since I am not an expepert in electronics.
If I buy  and use a signal booster, is the powere output added to o thee  one the card outputs?  (If a  card is rated 300mW and the buster iis 1000mW, will the final output be  1300mW? Or is the signal only strong  as the booster is? I amasking bacause in that case there is no point in buying an expensive high power card. Thank you.

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Re: WiFI signal booster for a wireless card

HI. If the specifiaction of the booster states 1000mW, its ouput  obviously is 1000mW (at least shuld be) no matter how much the the card gives out.
I don’t know your intentions with such amplifier, but a 600mW card for example would be more storable.


Re: WiFI signal booster for a wireless card

Thanks for a extensive answer. The strongest card I have found for PCMCIA is a 300mW  one
..thats why  I am thiking about a normal card and a wifi signal booster.

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Re: WiFI signal booster for a wireless card

Hey guys,
I am new to this forum but I know quite a few things.
Anyway I keep getting this problem when I use wi-fi connection.I need technical  solution with hardware.