Topic: Aircrack-ng "-e" issue

I am trying to run "aireplay-ng" to fake an authentication with the AP
#aireplay-ng -1 0 -e H&V -a (APs MAC Address) -h (my MAC Address) ath0

Here lies my problem, the essid is "H&V" – Notice the "&".  This is causing an error with aireplay and won’t allow it to proceed.

I get the error message:

[1] 13161
No replay interface specified.
"aireplay-ng --help" for help.
bash: V: command not found
[1]+  Exit 1    aireplay-ng -1 0 -e H

Does anyone know a way around this? Or would this be a great security implementation for ssid’s.  I am pretty sure I must include the ssid, so not sure where to go.  Does anyone know what I can do?

Thanks, Sparky


Re: Aircrack-ng "-e" issue

Hello Sparky.

It exst one easy solution. Put ESSID with special charter between doublequotes.

Example: "H&V"