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Hi!! In my laptop I have the above wireless card, with the Lucent chipset. When I run airdoump from Windows, I’m able to capture packets. When I try airodump, I’m unable to put my card in monitor mode. I use the Backtrack 2 distribution, so I suppose the orinoco drivers should be patched to enable monitor mode. Any hint? Thanks


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Hi. Your driver is generic or.. ?? In the Windows wireless cards uses raw monitoring particular applications via driver (like WildPacket AiroPeek with own driver) but no console commands exist. For what purpuse are you exactly looking for Monitor Mode? You wrote that you capture with no problem..


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I would like to monitor the WEP traffic of my router under linux and also try to inject packets in order to deauthenticate third clients, via aireplay. I thought that since airdump works well under Windows, under linux I have the wireless card not properly set.

Do you have some suggestion?


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It is possible to do Only one thing with your Lucent card. Pasively monitoring the trafic (in the Windows with old Airodump or [AiroPeek (50%/50%)]), in the Linux like systems maybe Kismet). You have look for new wireless card to be able inject the trafic. I think so.


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So, you think that it is not a driver problem. I was supposing that maybe with the HostAP module something could be done… No?


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Driver and chipset problem 🙂 I know that hermes cards inject with hermesAP project driver.. but lucent card with hostAP 🙂 no.. Hostap home page (epitest.fi) provide this Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3, hostapd, and WPA Supplicant information. Lucent is’nt Prism.


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I got it. Do you know a way I can be ABSOLUTELY sure on which chipset has my card?


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Of course (linux commands are) lshw, lspci, lsusb..