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Hi, I have Cisco Aironet 340. The card works fine in monitor mode under Windows, but with airodump it doesn’t. BackTrack did not recognize it. (The card is only 802.11b and doesn’t even support WPA.)

I’d like to ask for some tips (maybe few more tips, becuse there is not much I can pick from in my city and I don’t want to buy it over internet, because then I can’t try it out) for PCMCIA wifi cards that work well under BackTrack (injection, monitor mode). It would be good if it could work with airodump under Windows. It should have a connector for external antena too. Thanx for replies. Johny22.


Re: WiFi PCMCIA for Backtrack

Things you require narrow it down to a minimum. PCMCIA, external antena and monitor mode in Windows
Z-Com XI-325 (or 325H) – application CommView + special driver. Second choice is the CB9 -Ext (in CommView freezes and the pigtail is prety expensive).
The CB9-Ext will run with AiroPeek (OmniPeek), but the Z-Com will not.

The older version of Airodump (the one where the package doeos nto include Aireplay-ng) works with CB9-Ext. You can even use it with the last Airodump-ng (see. experimental tutorial Airserv-ng) witht combination with Aireplay-ng (works with both cards thanks to the CommView drivers. But it’s only an experiment, so dont expect a 100% success).

Both cards work great in BackTrack.


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Thanx for answer, but I still got two more questions:

1. I looked at the Z-Com XI-325H but I’ve reaed thtat it only supports 802.11b and WEP. Is there a version that works with 802.11g and WPA,.. because otherwise it’s got good parameters (I looked here: http://www.agen.cz/produkt/765/Z-Com-XI … ta_sug.htm

2. Does it use the same antenna connector Cisco Aironet 340 does, or will I have to change the connector on the antenna? Thanx to answers.



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Hello. If the Cisco Aironet 340 uses the same connector (MMCX) as Z-Com XI-325, then, Yes.

For Z-Com There is a firmware than enables the use of WPA. I don’t know about PCMCIA (if at all) though. Check Google for "z-com wpa firmware", I’m sure you’ll find something usefull.
Btw, flashing (I have done a Z-Com XI-626 flash) firmware is easy. You can even change interl MAC or enable the 14th channel. For a patched HostAP driver for packet injection, you better use thhe original firmware. Test and see.


Re: WiFi PCMCIA for Backtrack

Thank you alot for all your help. Johny22