Topic: Need help setting up WIFI adapter

Sup, happening?
I’m kind a web designer and I wanted to give a shot at this cracking  thing.
(or is it hacking? as far as I know hackers actually are the ones who develop stupf and not break in/it.)
Well, aether way I went through some AiroWizard documentation and it made sense.
However, I had problems setting up my WIFI Adapter and I couldn’t make out if it is supported or not.
At first I tried updating drivers but it faild and said that my drivers already are up to date, so I went forward.
When I start airserv-ng it poped cmd for like a sec and closed.
I searched google for answers, but all I found was one remotely related post and there were no answers.

I’m running Acer Aspire 5738ZG with Windows 7 64bit and Atheros AR5B93

Can I my adapter inject packets or no? If so, what am I doing wrong?
If not, I suppose I should make a run to my local tech store and buy one that supports.
Any suggestions on model?


Re: Need help setting up WIFI adapter

You should uninstall the program and then reinstall it and set up the network and give it a secret password.  Presently buy a high-quality wireless adapter. You don’t actually need a network card on your pc, just switch the adapter to the computer you’re using at the time.