Topic: Necessary Softwares for wlan hacking Windows

I’m newbie here. I checked the tutorial from here


It says on that page that all the softwares needed are in the download dir, but as i checked there are different versions and drivers depending on the wlan adapter I’m using.

Please help me with the softwares I need. Please tell me what are the specific softwares I need to crack a wlan network security key. I’m starting from scratch.

By the way I’m using Windows OS. My wlan network adapter is: Atheros AR5005G Wireless Network Adapter. (Note: I also noticed that I have Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter  below that Atheros AR5005G in my device manager). Thanks in Advance!


Re: Necessary Softwares for wlan hacking Windows

If u have atheros based wireless adapter don’t waste you time with Windows and try some Live CD Linux distro (Ubuntu, BackTrack) – including all needest tools & more..