Topic: AiroWizard dropping out

Hi – I’m trying this for the first time.  I installed the software, updated the driver, etc.  I go into AirWizard, Monitor Mode, Debug Mode, then hit – Start Airserv-ng.  The Airser window flashes open for a fraction of a second, then closes and that’s it.  I’ve tried it about a hundred times but it’s too quick to read.

Any tips?  I have read the instructions – honest!


Re: AiroWizard dropping out

hi, i am a newbie too using airowizard in windows…
i have tried using backtrack in linux and it’s great…
but it don’t happen in windows….especially for me and maybe there are others……

here it is:
i have read the help (in the program) and take the special note

"Always start AiroWizard from its original location! Do not use shortcuts"

i didn’t update the driver of my usb wireless adapter from cisco as the airowizard don’t have any mod’d driver for this adapter. (Linksys WUSB54GC compact wireless G USB Network Adapter)
so i left skip this step.

but my usb wifi was detected and i choose it…..
then move to monitor mode…..i set to debug mode in level 1…..
clicked the start airserv-ng……..

And a windows quickly flashed out and then off……. i clicked again….and it happened again…..again and again…

Help and solve needed


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Re: AiroWizard dropping out

Hi! I’m also new here and starting from scratch. Please help me in learning how to hack wifi security key.

@Sam Rang = Sir how did you install the softwares? Is extracting them already enough or I need to do another things to install them?

Also please teach me how to go to AirWizard, monitor mode, and debug mode…

Thanks in Advance!!!