Topic: Help with Straightcore GWP-116VE

Hello. First, sorry about this absolutely lame question but I’m new to this segment. I was used to connect to unsecured WiFi nets in my neighbourhood with my laptop and everything was quite fine except the signal wasn’t best. So I bought Straight Core GWP-116VE


to make the signal better.

To my unpleasant surprise, I was able to connect to unsecured WiFi nets with better signal over the web interface (the antena&switch are connected via ethernet cable to my notebook) but I had no connection to internet. In the past I didn’t need to set anything, it just worked so I’m boned now. I’ve got Vista and I guess it’s just some settings I forgot. I will appreciate any help with this.


Re: Help with Straightcore GWP-116VE

Check http://forum.airdump.cz


Re: Help with Straightcore GWP-116VE

I see, thanks :] My problem was solved anyway, it was a faulty unit. Have a nice day.