Topic: Mac changer help

Hey guys I am new to this forum but I know quite a few things.

Anyway I keep getting this problem when I use macchanger.

First off I made a simple bash script to change my mac address.

ifconfig ra0 down
sudo macchanger -r ra0
sudo macchanger -p ra0
ifconfig ra0 up
sudo macchanger -p ra0

macchanger -r gives me a random mac address.
macchanger -p tells me what my mac address is.

The output of that script gives me

Current MAC: 00:15:af:d7:b4:a4 (unknown)
Faked MAC:   72:ef:39:62:00:39 (unknown)
Current MAC: 72:ef:39:62:00:39 (unknown)
Current MAC: 00:15:af:d7:b4:a4 (unknown)

The mac address changes fine, but why does it change back after the interface goes back up? Could anyone help me with this?

Thanks, cycro.


Re: Mac changer help

Hi everyone, just popping in again.

I think the problem was because I was using my wireless one, and I do not think the mac address changer works on wireless mac addresses because I tried it on both ra0 and eth0 and it worked fine on eth0 but not on ra0. Just letting you guys know