Topic: Hi! I’m new here, need some help!

Can someone tell me how to add a pic on the left of my post, and how to edit my signature.


Re: Hi! I’m new here, need some help!

Welcome, guest.
First, you have to register and sign-in. (This section doesn’t require you to be registered to allow easy responses to articles posted at AirDump.net, but to post in other sections of this forum or to have a signature and/or an icon, you have to register.)
After that, you can set those things in your Profile manager. Click the "Profile" in the top bar. You’ll see your profile information. There, you’ll click the "Signature" for editing your signature or click "Avatar" to go to page where you can set your icon which will appear at the place my appears.

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Re: Hi! I’m new here, need some help!

..but don’t spam by using URLs in your signature or your posts.