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Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Woah, nice list, finally found one that includes my card, i hav the Asus WL-167G i cant get it to inject??? How do i install the drive from serial monkey? I’m a linux Noob what is diskutabilni??? Any help wood b appreciated. Thx


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Improved (bad translation 🙂 sorry.. apropo.. I think WiFiSlax Linux may help you with Packet Injection (include patched drivers)


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Hi. Can i find D-Link DWL-G132 driver for hack WEP, airdump in windows XP SP2, please help me the tutor to find WEP key. Thanks


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Hello. I have USB WiFi adapter Dlink DWL-G132 too. How To Monitoring WiFi packet in Windows XP SP2 & Crack the WEP key with this USB device? Thx


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Hey boys. Can you check the revision or chipset & post it here? I think is it important think if you ask for this things. Thx.


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Sorry. I dont know the revision or chipset, but i think it’s athreos 5? Are G132 the same with G122. I see G122 can airodump in linux not in windows. It’s there any software for airodump, appear WEP key from other Access Point in Windows with compatible USB wireless. If did, can u tell me the specific. Thx again


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Download the live CD (backtrack or wifislax) an check the chipset or loaded modules. Any way if is’nt possible to use Windows way try Linux. Live CD you need’nt install to hardisc


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Intel 2100 uses ipw2100 driver that does not suppot packet injection


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I’m sure that Packet Injection ipw2100 work for example in WiFiSlax Linux distro. And more cards are supported

– Ralink rt73, rt61, rt2570, rt2500
– Zydas zd1201, zd1211rw, zd1211b
– Intel ipw2100, ipw2200, ipw3945
– Realtek rtl8180, rtl8185, rtl8187
– Broadcom


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

So, has anyone actually verified this to work? Is it possible to do packet injection with an Intel 2100 wireless card? Anxious to know, about to buy a laptop with a 2100 Intel card.


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

IPW2100 will enter monitor mode, but cannot inject. backtrack.offensive-security.com/index.php/HCL:Wireless#IPW2100


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I would like to know about some available OEM products to convert Serial RS232 data to wifi which is priced around 35-40 USD. can anyone help me please ?


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What is in your oppinion the absolute best wireless adapter for hacking wifi? (works with most applications, long range and so on) Price not an issue!!


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At thid time all the Atheros based wifi cards (pcmcia cb9-ext, super range) or prism based xi-626, xi-325. It depend to place wher are you living.


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So i’ve managed to find linux drivers for an RTL8185. What patch can I use (if any) to get it to inject packets? And, *has* anybody actually gotten a RTL8185 to work with aircrack suite? I’m trying to do a triple boot (Windows XP/Ubuntu/Backtrack3) and i’ll try to get it running under BT3 first. If not i’ll give Ubuntu a try ..

If I manage, which might take very long (haven’t used linux in ages) I will post a step-by-step here for my particular scenario.


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Hey guys,I ‘ve installed airopeek NX but it seems my current driver is not appropriate for my wifi card: rtl8187 (801.11g) to function. I have windows XP Professional SP3. If you have any link in mind that I should try I would be grateful, since I already checked wildpackets, realtek, google Thank youin advice for your help!


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

How do u get the card to work on Cain? On windows XP


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Is it possible to get this card working in monitor mode on windows xp?


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

I’ve made changes to Edimax EW-7813Ug, ataching an antenna (tetraquad type). I will post pictures as soon as I will get my camera. It works great and it is recognized by slax and dreamlinux. I also tested it with airodump/aircrack, with no problem. I have another wireless USB card from MSI, US54SE II, which has the same chipset, diferent software, but is cheaper!


Re: Discussion WiFi cards

the USg usually does have default driver support and as long as the chipset is same, the driver should be too. I am looking forward to your pictures as antenas very importrant part of a wirreless link. Many people overlook this and by the guides thy judge that they are easy to make. I think it could almost be considered art, though quality is measured empiricly.

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Re: Discussion WiFi cards

Hello friends,
I would like to know about some available products USB WiFi adapter Dlink DWL-G132 too. i want all detail related it.can anyone help me please ?