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Discussion thread Sniffing networks and data analysis.

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Re: Discussion Sniffing

Im setting up my own home net to conduct a wep key crack of my own home network and I need a good packet injection plugin for freeBSD 7.0 and Wireshark 0.99.7, I would really appreciate it if someone could email me at [email protected] with information on a packet injection plugin for wireshark, maybe this should be built into wireshark already methinks. Anyway Im trying to do a crack of my own Net Router to see how easy it is to spot and detect this kind of thing and to see also if I can get the WEP key for the ROUTER to get access to the wireless network.


Re: Discussion Sniffing

Check the Lorcon project. This is way how to inject in the Wireshark. I think BackTrack Linux include Lorcon patched Wireshark.