Topic: Frames Received with CRC Error

Hi. I have problems accessing WEP protected wifi. THe card I use is edimax 7318 USg, OS Winidows XP Prof., signal 15-25%, known WEP key, MAC filter is off.

After entering the key, I get the IP, mask, gateway, connection seems to be established, but the browsere doesnt load pages. It says done right away. The number of recieved frames is above transmited. It says "Frames recieved succesfully 500" in 5 minutes and "Frames Received with CRC Error" – about 150 000. It seems to ome as some unknow network protection because the connection has been working for 4 week and it doesn’t, all the sudden. Any ideas about what is causing the CRC Error? Thank you.


Re: Frames Received with CRC Error

Someone else tried to break the key and uused your MAC address or used a tool called Charon near you 🙂 I think everythting will be OK the next day. CRC errors appear usually with fake injected packets, when a different checksum is expected in the packet header..


Re: Frames Received with CRC Error

Thank you. Yes I do ohave a feeling that someone likes to experiment around here. When I run Kismet, it shows me two different MACs : ALERT: suspicious client MAC – probing network but never participating. I think it might be another Kismet running or something similar. Or am I wrong?


Re: Frames Received with CRC Error

Kismet is completely stealth. Does not send out anything. It might be something else like NetStumbler which is very noisy or even the XP’s wifi detector, but not sure about that.

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