Topic: Discussion cracking WPA

Discussion for WPA crack tutorial and WPA-PSK handshake capturing.

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Re: Discussion cracking WPA

Hello. I cannot sniff, i cannot find drivers for my wireless card (RTL8187) anybody som can help me? I have Windows Vista, is the shit i now..


Re: Discussion cracking WPA

There is no driver for rtl8187 and Windows Vista. Change operating system and wireless card too..


Re: Discussion cracking WPA

i use the RTL8187 it works on Linux. I use Backtrack 2 its a live cd with linux no need to install anything just put CD in once burn. It’s very easy


Re: Discussion cracking WPA

I have the Backtrack Linux on CD but dont no where to start on how to crack WEP can some one e_mail me on how it is dun


Re: Discussion cracking WPA

Check this video tutorial.


Re: Discussion cracking WPA

Hi I just want to know how to hack wifi security enabled signals. I have a windows vista ultimate 64bit and a intel wireless wifi link 4965AGN. I want to crack and find the codes to enter in the signals. Thanks I apreciate the help


Re: Discussion cracking WPA

I might be able to help you…. I´m not a specialist, just an advanced user, however, I found a way to crack 9 of 10 networks here… And free internet… is superb