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Hi could you please email me on how to do all of this using a macbook pro. if it isn;t possible on a mac could you tell me how to do it on windows then. thank you a step by step guide would be much appreciated my email is [email protected] THANKS AGAIN


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hey Windows users th3 GAME is OV3R .. go get LINUX… it’s th3 best


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The networking segment of Hacking has control of less than half of the remaining text. It explains the basics of the OSI model and basic networking concepts; packet sniffing; connection hijacking; denial of service; and port scanning.


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OK i got backtrack 3 running and i am able to crack wep easily. could anyone guide me on how to do this tutorial but with a bit more detail as it is hard to follow. i would greatly areciate it. my email address is [email protected]

p.s. i am a school network admin and will test this only on my own network or my school’s to make the security better.


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Hey guys….Airdump ROCKS!!!! I always like the concept of ‘hack to learn’ instead of ‘learn to hack’ in which we would know how the ‘bad guys’ think. White Hat security pentest is very much required in the ICT security world. ^_^

I’ve found another link of Metasploit tutorial about "Remote shell against a linux system running distcc" (w/h video) URL: http://www.maysville-linux-users-group. … d-0-0.html

Distcc is a distributed C/C+ compiler used across several computer over a network. In the video, the tutor shows how to load ‘DistCC daemon command execution’ exploit module to execute arbitrary command (e.g spawn shell via perl) by launching bin_perl payload to target computer in LAN. Hope this is informative for all of you.

– I need to conduct a workshop presentation titled "automated penetration testing" with my teams.
– Having difficulty in pulling in Nessus NBE files, we couldn’t make automated reporting function available.

1) Can anyone provide a detailed steps & commands of ‘automated pentesting with Metasploit’?

My email is [email protected] Thanks.


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When you say automated pen testing can you be more specific? The project I have been working on all week is to correlate and map the data from scanners to exploit frameworks.

Currently I mapping the following fields.products to metasploit:
Scanners: Nessus/Saint/Rapid7/GFI (I will do the other work with other scanners as I get the product but I can tell you for the first part of this research Nessus and Saint are only worth mapping to Metasploit as GFI did not even touch these types of exploitable vulns. Rapid I am doing right now but it doesnt look promising for the moment. I am hoping to do some of the other scanners later in the week.

The second effort is to fix all of the CVEs and then to map the OSVDB/BID/OVAL/CVSS. Tired of doing research all day so I decided to start this project.

Also I mapping the pen test tools Metasploit, Core Impact and Saint Exploit to see which one is going to be successful when I need to get a sploit to work.

After this then I am anticipating adding the port and spec os ver so I can just select from an intellegence DB on what tools will be likely to perform. I use almost everything in the toolbag no but looking to cut down on time as we all are with a higher probability.

Feel free to write me if you have any contributions and I can share what I am working on.


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I use windows becouse i havent seen how linux works and dont know how to put it up on my pc and windows has many useful programms which i already use for many years . So why is linux better? Only for security, for hacking? Tell me so i could be talked into using linux 🙂 I have original windows but still would change to linux if its realy better 🙂 but it would be great if someone would make a simple self explanatory wireless cracking way for windows users 🙂


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This tutorial is good for a person who is reading it for a customzation purpose but the script that has to be induced in the resource hacker has to be a bit more descriptive for those wishing to modify or edit their dialogue boxes


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Thankx for tutorial, really good. I want to ask, which exploits (name) was used in this tutorial. Which exploits are the best for win xp sp2? thanks


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ok guys i have 1 computer but im using 2 OS. windows & linux. in my case windows is better than linux.windows is many useful prog. but when i tried linux some prog doesnt work. anyway, about hacking wep or wpa or wpa2 thats very easy even u r running windows.i hacked secured internet in my home, less than 4 min. i hacked it bcos my brother doesnt want me to have an internet connection bcos i always go to pornography website hehehe lols.anyway, thats very easy. just email me if u guys want to learn, i can teach you.