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WiFi Hacking Introduction – tutorial "Absolute Beginner" is being finished. The text including pictures will be placed at AirDump.Net WiKi. Any comments or suggestions about the context put here or directly into the tutorial discussion Introduction into Wifi Hacking.

The text will be up to date and enriched according to your feedback. That means if the respons is not big the text will get a lower priority and the other text and parts of the web will get an advantage.

Relevant themes for eginning with hacking:

WiFi Hacking FAQ, Aircrack-ng FAQ, Introduction into WiFi Hacking


Re: Hacking WiFi Crack WEP/WPA – Beginner

Text absolute beginner is a good idea but will it be an introduction into the topic or wep instruction using all possible ways? Because if you describe just one method throught one program then it will work only for someone (because of linux/windows possibilities)

Next I would appreciate an instruction how to put in backtrack 2 drivery on wifi card because I can not find it here on forum. Thanx


Re: Hacking WiFi Crack WEP/WPA – Beginner

Hi.., there is planed a short (3 steps) analogue of Wiki tutorial Hacking Wireless networks for people who can not even start. If you have any other suggestions they can be implemented into the text. But I suggest putting it rather in Wiki FAQ. What drivers do you mean?


Re: Hacking WiFi Crack WEP/WPA – Beginner

Backtrack 2 seems that it does not have wifi card. (maybe you just have to turn it on somehow but I don´t know how). Only information about my card after applying the command lspci it writes out atheros unknown.

When the teaser is on backtrack 3 it may get better (with the new version and actual drivers).
New motto is "Cracking wep just isn’t fun anymore"  ….  "under two minutes"

I like how easy it seems.

http://www.offensive-security.com/movie … easer.html


Re: Hacking WiFi Crack WEP/WPA – Beginner

If the card does not run on BackTrack look Atheros chipset it has (producers page, recension, internet) and than find out the drivers version.

modinfo ath_pci

From that you can move further. May you just have to install another driver 🙂


Re: Hacking WiFi Crack WEP/WPA – Beginner

Hi. I have backtrack 2 complet distribution from magazine Hakin9. I haved solved problems with Wi-fi cards myself, I have found commands for ath etc. I would rather like to learn about tools that are used for normal connection and also how to find out ip addresses dhcp and it use in commands etc…

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Re: Hacking WiFi Crack WEP/WPA – Beginner

Hi.., How to find out (including tools) is described in text Sniffing and data analytics. Useful commands for Linux -> Google. If something is missing or it´s not comprehensible, create a thread for discussion here in forum. Also everyone can add things that are missing into WiKi. Rewrite, correct or add is not a problem.