Topic: Multiple sessions into one .cap

Hi alls. I’m in this situation where thte AP does not react to any attack but ARP replay and it is absolutely unpredictable. Sometimes I get 3000 responses in a minute and then nothing for 8 hours. I’d like to ask how to define in airdump that I want to continue saving into the same dump-01.cap file as the previous session. I want collect as many IVs every day and then continue. I’m on the BackTrack 3 beta distributioin if it’s important. I hope it’s explained enough and is not a stupid question..


Re: Multiple sessions into one .cap

Hi. You don’t have to save to one cap file only. Airdump accepts wildcards in filenames so you can run

aircrack-ng [optional] *.cap

and it will use all the cap files in the current directory