Topic: Exploiting msf shell Metasploit

I think I´m almost there, server connection came through, but what next. I have written to IRC but nothing. Sending screnshot. Sessions -1 or -i 1 does not work. Thanks



Re: Exploiting msf shell Metasploit

Hi. When using this luxury Metasploit, I suggest you to use exploit that opens (on computer that sends exploit) shell of a distant computer, or directly VNC (or any other service) that will be concrete. In the console you can see only Sending exploit.. that means that it is not obvious if the exploit was executed. If the exploit execution will be followed with any other service it will show immediately.. (if successful) a shell or window of a remote desktop (VNC) how you can see in tutorial Hacking – Windows Exploiting.


Re: Exploiting msf shell Metasploit

Hi thanks for info, I have followed the tutorial, but don´t know what I forgot – target PC is ok, return IP is ok, I have used the same exploit and payload VNC inject but the finish is different. nico