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–This was actually meant to be an email but your email server seems to have issues right now so i thought i’d post here-

Hey I just had a few questions about your Mapping code that you use for mapping the wifi networks

How is it that you go about collecting data, I assume it’s from straight GPS scans from kismet or likewise, Or is all this added manually..?

I quite like the way it only shows the networks in the menu that are displayed on the map.

All that said it’s overall a very nice setup, And I’m looking at setting up my own system of the same feature set, So if any developers would be happy to answer these questions or even give some code examples of how it’s been implemented on your site it’d be much appreciated

Thanks for your time


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Hi. Yes problems with mail are possible as our hosting is just great – will be switching too a  different one as soon as the  contract is over.

The  map.airdump.net is automated to accept kismet logs (unlike the freewifi.airdump.net hotspot database which is maintained manually). I did not set up the maping mechanism so I can’t help you,  but will ask the person resposible if he can give you  some hinits on how to do it.

What I you are looking for is a method of parsing the log files to some nice format. What I  have found is a application called KISMAC that can spit out Google Earth’s klm files. There also is a kismet2html conveter that could help you. For the Google Map implementing part you will have to check out some tutorials as there is many out there. Good luck.

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Re: Warmap code

Yeah that’s cool, I actually have a google tab up right now atempting to find how it’d be best to parse the kismet xml  files (since they seem to contain all the data i’ll need in the easiest format)

The .gps file seemed to be over kill as it repeats ssids when they’re seen twice.
Thanks for your assistance 🙂


Re: Warmap code

Well, usually only the location with the best signal is used, but since  it is a log it should keep all the messages.

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