Topic: Need some help with Metasploit Framework

I am running Metasploit Framework on Atheros 242x wifi card & Ubuntu Hardy Heron. Everything seems to be working exceptt hat on my other laptop client, when i attempt to browse, everything comes to a halt. It’s as if the data being passed to airbase is not being processed correctly as it is passed onto the legitimate Access Point ?

I am sort of new to metasploit so i thought id  try the forum to see if anyone can guide me on this. I have read most of the available doc.  I guess what im  looking for is some insight which would enable me to understand this problem.  Thanks for your help.


Re: Need some help with Metasploit Framework

I’m afraid that I absolutely don’t understand.. Browse what? Can you make some screenshot and upload it to imageshack or other palce? Airbase & Matasploit = unrelated things. URLs post to the topic without www and http prefix. Thx.