Topic: Packet Injection Help

Hello I am new to WEP cracking and I have learned how to use Airodump and Aircrack… in windows.  But something is missing that is very important and helpful i have tried everything i can to get aireplay to work in windows but with no luck. So even though im retarted i want to try to learn a bit about linux.

Im having worlds of problems with getting the install part to work and everything compiled directly.  Finding a compatible kernel has seemed like an endless hunt through forums and articles.

Maybe there is a way to take an open source linux ISO (if it exists) and compile it with all available drivers like madwifi (atheros which im using)and the awesome aircrack-ng suite 🙂 for those retard windows users like me who cannot grasp the concept of building a wifi environment.

Maybe someone here could point me in the right direction to a complete noob step by step on how to install linux, madwifi and aircrack-ng to work perfectly on an atheros based PCI card.

Hope someone out there can help me.


Re: Packet Injection Help

Hi. It’s a bit tricky to get raw packet injection working in Win. Most importantly, you have to use drivers that allow it. Check this tutorial. I think only drivers for cards with the Prism 2.5 chipset allow injection.(I think the WildPackets team does those)

If you are willing to try linux out, which I recomend because you’ll be able to do much more things. There is ultimate Ubuntu guide (Ubuntu is made to be former windows user friendly) guide. But if your affraid of compiling packages and drivers there are two distributions WifiSlax and Backtrack (can be run as LiveCDs or installed on HD) which have the drivers for supported cards preinstalled along with LOTS of pentesting applications.WifiSlax has a little better cards support (that might change with the new BackTrack) but is in Spanish. So mostly used is BackTrack 2 or 3-beta, but we are expecting BacTrack 3 final to be released in a few days, so I recomend you do some reasearch and learn linux basics until it comes out (I’d say end of the week) and then start playing around. You can see BT2 tutorial tutorial or on the links page the tutorials and links page
One more thing I forgot. BackTrack includes madwifi drivers for Atheroses. BT3 will include the latest ones.
Good luck and have fun.