Topic: Kismet log Print Long String

Could someone tell me where  I can find the log of things that are in Kismet displayed by pressing D (print long string)? Where can I find it in BackTrack 3 Beta after closing or how do I enable that logging? Thank you


Re: Kismet log Print Long String

You can configure Kismet for writing different types of logs:
dump – raw packets
networks – detected networks in clear text
csv – detected networks in text file in CSV format
xml – network and Cisco log in XML
weak – weak packets in airsnort’s format,
cisco – log of Cisco CDP broadcasts
gps – GPS coordinates (raw paket dump).

I think you are looking for the dump log. It is enabled by default. Its name is some_date_time.dump . Everything is in the kismet.conf including the location where logs should be saved.